Television Is a Reflection of Society, Lifestyle and Interests of People

American television has taken a leap forward in last few years. Entertainment has been taken to a whole new level now. There are many people to be thanked for. With excessive growth in this industry, in a relatively short period of time, is the people who have been watching television with so much love for all these years. We should also be thankful for the script-writers who have given fantastic storylines and crisp dialogues, actors who have done real justice to their characters and directors who gave their life to these television programs.

People are highly addicted to some television programs now. They don’t want to miss even a single episode of their favorite program and some teenagers are even ready to miss school for that. In any society, television reflects all that is currently going on in the world. It reflects on the societal structures and prevalent practices. It reflects on the humor styles and ways of entertainment. American television has adapted itself well to the changing lifestyles. If you watch an old TV series you will find that those shows match the old times. From dresses to behavior, everything in the show is tuned to what is generally considered common. In fact, it is due to this commonality that a show becomes popular with people.

Nowadays, the most popular shows are the ones that can make people laugh. That’s because a ‘good laugh’ is most essential commodity nowadays and people cannot find it anywhere. When television producers began to provide rich comedic entertainment to people, they seemed to say ‘thumbs up’ to the idea. People are more likely to watch comedic series because of their tense lifestyle. Life has been running on a busy track in the 21st century and that is the reason why people need some comedic-boost to their lives. People want to be happy and a number of television shows help them to smile.

Source by Jessica N King

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