Life in a Big City

The hustle and bustle of big cities attracts almost everyone. Big cities are often distinguished from small towns by the skyscrapers, luxury means of transport, communication and great infrastructure. They say that the city never sleeps. This holds true because every time you look at the roads, you see it full of activity. Law and legislation in big cities is also one of the major concerns. Like in many cities, a professional like an OVI lawyer is highly in demand. Similarly, accommodation and problems associated with it like file bankruptcy is something you should be aware of before you move to a city.

Life in a city seems to be too busy. The start of the day always portrays school buses carrying children to their schools, a long queue of people waiting for the bus to head to their offices, and others who are driving in their own cars. The nights are even more exciting. Different events and occasions add more life to the city. On occasions like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the whole city is decorated in enticing beauty.

However, the picture of the city that you see in Hollywood movies is somewhat artificial. You do not always get to see pretty ladies in every corner of the block. Neither are there any of those sports cars drifting across the city at nights with police cabs chasing them. There are no huge apartment complexes and neither there are those exotic looking offices like you would have seen in ‘Devil Wears Prada’. A city is a mix of people who are good and bad, rich and poor and of different religious backgrounds. Therefore, you will experience nearly all kinds of individuals and all kinds of living standards in a city.

Even though life in a city is considered to bring you more towards a civilized side, providing you with more facilities and higher standards of living, city life is not considered to be good enough for children. The reason for this is that a city is not very helpful for the emotional development of the children. How often do you think about your child joining a school and being bullied by older kids?

Similarly, because a city is a mixture of people from all over the world, problems like racism lay an adverse impact on the mental development of the child. Why should a young child go through such big matters when he is supposed to enjoy the early years of his life? Parents are also seen to develop a distance for their children because of their tight schedules and because they get very little time to spend with their children. This might also be the reason of families separating and laying a negative impact on a child’s mind.

Despite all this, cities generally provide good employment opportunities and high educational standards that will be required to enhance the way of your life. In the end, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In order to maintain a good lifestyle, you cannot change your lifestyle, but you can always change the lifestyle of your house. Make a friendly ambiance in your home and it would not matter if it is the city or a small town.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

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